The Gravity Shield

The curator of a Field Museum display on Mars is about to open her display when a man claiming to have rocks from the Red Planet arrives unannounced. He does not have one or two meteorites, but a five-gallon bucket full. Even more intriguing, he says he can get more.Cover 1 rgb.jpg

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Under a Cat’s Eye

Ron Phillips was in the right place once too often when his married boss fell into his lap. She became upset, he was hurt and for a while, they ignored each other. Then the headaches Ron got whenever Serenity was in danger got worse, as did his life.Under a Cats Eye cover

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Hot Water, Cold Blood

Skiing a few runs down a Colorado mountainside becomes a race against death when assassins attack Andru Olshansky and his new friend Yvonne Savage. Trying to stay alive while learning why they were attacked leads Andru on a long, dangerous escape from an unexpected source.Hot water cold blood coverx300.jpg

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Sunset Surfing

Television photographer Tim Abella has a simple assignment: get a logo shot, one featuring a surfer at sunset. Just after getting his required few seconds of tape featuring an expert woman on her board, Tim finds himself in a race to a small child at a nearby beach: who will win? Him or a hungry great white shark?Sunset surfing cover 2 small for blog

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Oy Fey

“Tinkerbell, do you want to go for a little walk, a very long little walk?” Trevor told his dainty black Chihuahua. “You watch for critters and I’ll do the walking.”0-OyFey Cover.jpg

Trevor’s plan for long, relaxing hike along the Sierra Crest Trail get shredded when he and Tinkerbell meet Bella and her cat Hunter. What happens next brings the foursome into a collision with a world neither human knew existed … and adventures they did not expect.

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Maia, Mother of Worlds

Attorney John Greenwood did not pay quite close enough attention when boarding a bus. Juggling coffee, cellphone and briefcase meant his tie changed color to “latte with sprinkles.”Maia Mother of Worlds cover

As his rotten luck would have it,  the laughter from the beautiful woman he entertains is his next legal foe. She is also his boss’ ex-wife, adding to John’s misery. The warring former couple bring new meaning the phrase “long-standing feud,” John discovers.

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