Sample: Maia, Mother of Worlds

Attorney John Greenwood did not pay quite close enough attention when he boarded a bus. His lack of concentration means he spills his coffee, but not on the lovely lady he bumps into.

As his rotten luck would have it, the look of pure joy on the face of the woman he touches is the next person he is scheduled to face off against. Adding to John’s misery is that Maia Solomon is both the founder and representative of Gentle Ocean Living Center, which hos company wants to evict, and the ex-wife of his boss, Solomon Isaacs.

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Sample: Cold Water, Hot Blood

A landscape photographer is in the right place at the right time to rescue a woman from a sinking sailboat. Another passenger, though, wanted everyone else to perish. Upset the brother and sister on board the boat survive, the other person plots their demise.

Type: Novel

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Sample: Bicycling to Barbara

Frustrated at the cost of commuting, a junior architect converts a basement into a bathroom, complete with shower, thinking he will be the only one using it. Sparks erupt when a woman has the same idea.

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Sample: Bring My Baby Home

An act of kindness puts a man between a divorced mother of two young children and her vengeful and violent ex-husband.

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Sample: The Patsy

An office drone has his life torn apart after he tries to comfort a distraught coworker only to find out she has other plans … for him.

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